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10-mega pixel snapshot compressive imaging with a hybrid coded aperture

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posted on 2023-01-11, 23:10 authored by Zhihong Zhang, Chao Deng, Yang Liu, Xin Yuan, Jinli Suo, Qionghai Dai
High resolution images are widely used in our daily life, whereas high-speed video capture is challenging due to the low frame rate of cameras working at the high resolution mode. Digging deeper, the main bottleneck lies in the low throughput of existing imaging systems. Towards this end, snapshot compressive imaging (SCI) was proposed as a promising solution to improve the throughput of imaging systems by compressive sampling and computational reconstruction. During acquisition, multiple high-speed images are encoded and collapsed to a single measurement. After this, algorithms are employed to retrieve the video frames from the coded snapshot. Recently developed Plug-and-Play (PnP) algorithms make it possible for SCI reconstruction in large-scale problems. However, the lack of high-resolution encoding systems still precludes SCI's wide application. In this paper, we build a novel hybrid coded aperture snapshot compressive imaging (HCA-SCI) system by incorporating a dynamic liquid crystal on silicon and a high-resolution lithography mask. We further implement a PnP reconstruction algorithm with cascaded denoisers for high quality reconstruction. Based on the proposed HCA-SCI system and algorithm, we achieve a 10-mega pixel SCI system to capture high-speed scenes, leading to a high throughput of 4.6G voxels per second. Both simulation and real data experiments verify the feasibility and performance of our proposed HCA-SCI scheme.



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