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A Hamiltonian Mechanics Framework for Charge Particle Optics in Straight and Curved Systems

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:25 authored by Felix Kern, Jonas Krehl, Arsha Thampi, Axel Lubk
Charged particle optics, the description of particle trajectories in the vicinity of some optical axis, describe the imaging properties of particle optics devices. Here, we present a complete and compact description of charged particle optics employing perturbative expansion of Hamiltonian mechanics. The derived framework allows the straightforward computation of transversal and longitudinal (chromatic) properties of static and dynamic optical devices with straight and curved optical axes. It furthermore gives rise to geometric integration schemes preserving the symplectic phase space structure and pertaining Lagrange invariants, which may be employed to derive analytic approximations of aberration coefficients and efficient numerical trajectory solvers.



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