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A Machine Learning Framework for the Quantification of Experimental Uveitis in Murine OCT

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posted on 2023-03-07, 13:49 authored by Youness Mellak, Alin Achim, Amy Ward, Lindsay Nicholson, Xavier Descombes
This paper presents methods for the detection and assessment of non-infectious uveitis, a leading cause of vision loss in working age adults. In the first part, we propose a classification model that can accurately predict the presence of uveitis and differentiate between different stages of the disease using optical coherence tomography (OCT) images. We utilize the Grad-CAM visualization technique to elucidate the decision-making process of the classifier and gain deeper insights into the results obtained. In the second part, we apply and compare three methods for the detection of detached particles in the retina that are indicative of uveitis. The first is a fully supervised detection method, the second is an unsupervised technique, and the third is a weakly supervised segmentation that produces per-pixel masks as output. The segmentation model is used as a backbone for a fully automated pipeline that can segment small particles of uveitis in 2D slices of the retina, reconstruct the volume, and produce centroids as points distribution in space. The number of particles in retinas is used to grade the disease, and point process analysis on centroids in (3D) shows clustering patterns in the distribution of the particles on the retina.


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