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A Multi-layered GaGeTe Electro-Optic Device Integrated in Silicon Photonics

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posted on 2023-01-10, 03:25 authored by Srinivasa Reddy Tamalampudi, Ghada Dushaq, Juan Esteban Villegas, Bruna Paredes, Mahmoud S. Rasras
Electrically tunable devices contribute significantly to key functions of photonics integrated circuits. Here, we demonstrate the tuning of the optical index of refraction based on hybrid integration of multi-layered anisotropic GaGeTe on a silicon micro-ring resonator (Si-MRR). Under static applied (DC) bias and transverse-electric (TE) polarization, the device exhibits a linear resonance shift without any amplitude modulation. However, for the transverse-magnetic (TM) polarization, both amplitude and phase modulation are observed. The corresponding wavelength shift and half-wave voltage length product (V_{\pi}.l) for the TE polarization are 1.78 pm/V and 0.9 V.cm, respectively. These values are enhanced for the TM polarizations and correspond to 6.65 pm/V and 0.28 V.cm, respectively. The dynamic radio frequency (RF) response of the devices was also tested at different bias conditions. Remarkably, the device exhibits a 1.6 MHz and 2.1 MHz response at 0 V and 7 V bias, respectively. Based on these findings, the integration of 2D GaGeTe on the silicon photonics platform has great potential for the next generation of integrated photonic applications such as switches and phase shifters.



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