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A Novel Graphene-Based Circulator with Multi-layer Triangular Post for THz Region

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posted on 2023-01-11, 21:58 authored by Mohammad Bagher Heydari, Mohammad Hashem Vadjed Samiei
This article proposes a novel three-port circulator with a triangular graphene-based post for the THz region. This new circulator is formed by three 120 symmetrical metal-based waveguides with a multi-layer triangular graphene-based post. The anisotropic feature for circulation is provided by magnetically-biased graphene in the triangular post. The DC magnetic bias is applied in the z-direction. The magnetized, triangular graphene sheet supports hybrid TM-TE plasmons. To realize the proposed circulator, the structure has been simulated in COMSOL software. In our simulation results, isolation of -40 dB with a transmission loss of -3.5 dB is obtained at the central frequency of 5 THz for a specific design. The bandwidth of the simulated circulator is reported 7.25% with respect to the isolation level of -15 dB. It has been shown that the scattering parameters of the proposed circulator can be changed by altering the chemical potential of the graphene and DC magnetic bias, which makes this circulator a tunable device to be utilized in various plasmonic systems.



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