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A Silicon-on-Insulator Slab for Topological Valley Transport

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posted on 2023-11-30, 05:47 authored by Xin-Tao He, En-Tao Liang, Jia-Jun Yuan, Hao-Yang Qiu, Xiao-Dong Chen, Fu-Li Zhao, Jian-Wen Dong
Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) enables for capability improvement of modern information processing systems by replacing some of their electrical counterparts. With the miniaturization of SOI platform, backscattering suppression is one of the central issues to avoid energy loss and signal distortion in telecommunications. Valley, a new degree of freedom, provides an intriguing way for topologically robust information transfer and unidirectional flow of light, in particular for subwavelength strategy that still remains challenge in topological nanophotonics. Here, we realize topological transport in a SOI valley photonic crystal (VPC) slab. In such inversion asymmetry slab, singular Berry curvature near Brillouin zone corners guarantees valley-dependent topological edge states below light cone, maintaining a balance between in-plane robustness and out-of-plane radiation. Topologically robust transport at telecommunication wavelength is observed along two sharp-bend VPC interfaces with a compact size (< 10 um), showing flat-top high transmission of around 10% bandwidth. Furthermore, topological photonic routing is achieved in a bearded-stack VPC interface, originating from broadband unidirectional excitation of the valley-chirality-locked edge state by using a microdisk as a phase vortex generator. Control of valley in SOI platform not only shows a prototype of integrated photonic devices with promising applications for delay line, routing, optical isolation and dense wavelength division multiplexing for information processing based on topological nanophotonics, but also opens a new door towards the observation of non-trivial states even in non-Hermitain systems.



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