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A Surface Acoustic Wave based Single Photon Shifter for Solid-state Sources

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posted on 2023-11-10, 17:01 authored by Jiaxing Guo, Huijun Zhao, Kaili Xiong, Pingxing Chen, Yang Zhang, Yan Chen
Controlling the frequency of nonclassical light is indispensable for implementing quantum computation, communication and bridging various quantum systems. However, frequency-shift devices for solid state single-photon sources that are easy to integrate are practically absent. Here, we propose an integrated single-photon frequency shifter based on acousto-optic modulation. The device consists of two Interdigital Transducers (IDTs) for surface acoustic wave (SAW) generation and a silicon waveguide periodically placed at the nodes the SAW to increase the interaction length. The V{\pi}*L of the device is 1.2v.cm. Under 133.2MHz driving frequency and 10 volt driving voltage, a shift up to 65.7GHz is achieved with near unity conversion efficiency. Our results demonstrate the feasibility of on-chip deterministic quantum spectral control in constructing hybrid quantum networks.



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