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A dispersion-engineered multi-pass cell for single-stage post compression of an Ytterbium laser

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posted on 2023-06-08, 12:58 authored by Laura Silletti, Ammar Bin Wahid, Esmerando Escoto, Prannay Balla, Supriya Rajhans, Katinka Horn, Lutz Winkelmann, Vincent Wanie, Andrea Trabattoni, Christoph M. Heyl, Francesca Calegari
Post-compression methods for ultrafast laser pulses typically face challenging limitations including saturation effects and temporal pulse break-up when large compression factors and broad bandwidths are targeted. To overcome these limitations, we exploit direct dispersion control in a gas-filled multi-pass cell, enabling for the first time single-stage post-compression of 150 fs pulses and up to 250 uJ pulse energy from an Ytterbium (Yb) fiber laser down to sub-20 fs. Dispersion-engineered dielectric cavity mirrors are used to achieve nonlinear spectral broadening dominated by self-phase-modulation over large compression factors and bandwidths at 98% throughput. Our method opens a route towards single-stage post-compression of Yb lasers into the few-cycle regime.



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