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A fiber-integrated quantum memory for telecom light

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posted on 2023-03-24, 16:02 authored by K. A. G. Bonsma-Fisher, C. Hnatovsky, D. Grobnic, S. J. Mihailov, P. J. Bustard, D. G. England, B. J. Sussman
We demonstrate the storage and on-demand retrieval of single-photon-level telecom pulses in a fiber cavity. The cavity is formed by fiber Bragg gratings at either end of a single-mode fiber. Photons are mapped into, and out of, the cavity using quantum frequency conversion driven by intense control pulses. In a first, spliced-fiber, cavity we demonstrate storage up to 0.55$\mu$s (11 cavity round trips), with $11.3 \pm 0.1$% total memory efficiency, and a signal-to-noise ratio of $12.8$ after 1 round trip. In a second, monolithic cavity, we increase this lifetime to 1.75$\mu$s (35 round trips) with a memory efficiency of $12.7 \pm 0.2%$ (SNR of $7.0 \pm 0.2$) after 1 round trip. Fiber-based cavities for quantum storage at telecom wavelengths offer a promising route to synchronizing spontaneous photon generation events and building scalable quantum networks.



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