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A method for virtual optical sectioning and tomography utilizing shallow depth of field

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posted on 2023-01-12, 15:01 authored by T. E. Gureyev, H. M. Quiney, L. J. Allen
A method is proposed for high-resolution, three-dimensional reconstruction of internal structure of objects from planar transmission images. The described approach can be used with any form of radiation or matter waves, in principle, provided that the depth of field is smaller than the thickness of the sample. The physical optics basis for the method is elucidated and the reconstruction algorithm is presented in detail. A simulated example demonstrates an application of the method to three-dimensional electron transmission imaging of a nanoparticle under realistic radiation dose and spatial resolution constraints. It is envisaged that the method can be applicable in high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, soft X-ray microscopy, ultrasound imaging and other areas.



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