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A portable widefield fundus camera with high dynamic range imaging capability

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posted on 2023-01-06, 17:03 authored by Alfa Rossi, Mojtaba Rahimi, David Le, Taeyoon son, Michael J. Heiferman, R. V. Paul Chan, Xincheng Yao
Fundus photography is indispensable for clinical detection and management of eye diseases. Limited image contrast and field of view (FOV) are common limitations of conventional fundus cameras, making it difficult to detect subtle abnormalities at the early stages of eye diseases. Further improvements of image contrast and FOV coverage are important to improve early disease detection and reliable treatment assessment. We report here a portable fundus camera, with a wide FOV and high dynamic range (HDR) imaging capabilities. Miniaturized indirect ophthalmoscopy illumination was employed to achieve the portable design for nonmydriatic, widefield fundus photography. Orthogonal polarization control was used to eliminate illumination reflectance artifact. With independent power controls, three fundus images were sequentially acquired and fused to achieve HDR function for local image contrast enhancement. A 101{\deg} eye-angle (67{\deg} visual-angle) snapshot FOV was achieved for nonmydriatic fundus photography. The effective FOV can be readily expanded up to 190{\deg} eye-angle (134{\deg} visual-angle) with the aid of a fixation target, without the need of pharmacologic pupillary dilation. The effectiveness of HDR imaging was validated with both normal healthy and pathologic eyes, compared to a conventional fundus camera.



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