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Absolute phase measurement method based on bidirectional coding patterns

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posted on 2023-02-09, 17:00 authored by Xingyang Qi, Canlin Zhou, Yixiao Wang, Shuchun Si, Hui Li
The stair phase coding patterns have been widely used to determine the fringe order for phase unwrapping of the wrapped phase in 3D shape measurement. Although the special coding sequence algorithm can achieve with a large number of codewords, it needs current codeword and its adjacent codewords to jointly determine the fringe order. If any codeword of the grouped adjacent codewords is incorrectly recognized, it will result in false fringe order.Therefore, it is challenging to significantly increase the number of codewords. When it is necessary to simultaneously measure more than two isolated objects with large size differences, if the fringe frequency is high, the number of fringes on the smaller objects is too few to determine the fringe orders. On the other hand, if the fringe frequency is low, the image can not contain all isolated objects at the same time. To solve this problem, we propose an absolute phase measurement method based on bidirectional coding patterns. The wrapped phase of the object is obtained by fou step phase shifting patterns, and the fringe orders is obtained by two bidirectional coded patterns. When coding the bidirectional patterns, we code two groups of stair phase with different frequency along horizontal direction, which respectively represent local fringe order information and partition information, then, we alternately repeated the two groups of stair phase along the vertical direction to obtain the bidirectional coding patterns in the whole pattern. Each local fringe order information and the corresponding partition information in small region jointly determine the fringe order of each position in the wrapped phase. To verify the effectiveness of our method, we did simulations and three experiments. Simulation and experimental results show that our method is effective for complex surfaces and isolated objects with different sizes.



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