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Active spintronic-metasurface terahertz emitters with tunable chirality

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:51 authored by Changqin Liu, Sheng Zhang, Shunjia Wang, Qingnan Cai, Peng Wang, Chuanshan Tian, Lei Zhou, Yizheng Wu, Zhensheng Tao
The ability to manipulate the electric-field vector of broadband terahertz waves is essential for applications of terahertz technologies in many areas, and can open up new possibilities for nonlinear terahertz spectroscopy and coherent control. Here, we propose a novel laser-driven terahertz emitter, consisting of metasurface-patterned magnetic multilayer heterostructures. Such hybrid terahertz emitters can combine the advantages of spintronic emitters for being ultrabroadband, efficient and flexible, as well as those of metasurfaces for the unique capability to manipulate terahertz waves with high precision and degree of freedom. Taking a stripe-patterned metasurface as an example, we demonstrate the generation of broadband terahertz waves with tunable chirality. Based on experimental and theoretical studies, the interplay between the laser-induced spintronic-origin currents and the metasurface-induced transient charges/currents are investigated, revealing the strong influence on the device functionality originated from both the light-matter interactions in individual metasurface units and the dynamic coupling between them. Our work not only offers a flexible, reliable and cost-effective solution for chiral terahertz wave generation and manipulation, but also opens a new pathway to metasurface-tailored spintronic devices for efficient vector-control of electromagnetic waves in the terahertz regime.



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