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Anamorphic beam shaping for efficient laser homogenization: methods and high power applications

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posted on 2023-01-11, 21:47 authored by Christoph Tillkorn, Andreas Heimes, Daniel Flamm, Stefan Dorer, Torsten Beck, Julian Hellstern, Felix Marschall, and Christian Lingel
The homogenization of light is widely applied in various industrial sectors. The uniform high power processing of large areas requires a high degree of homogeneity. Sophisticated beam transformation techniques are used to optimize the illumination of standard optical diffusers such as microlens arrays and decrease the contrast of interference. Novel design techniques take advantage of a multimodal approach which is especially adapted to the characteristic properties of the laser light source. We show how anamorphic beam shaping is employed to transform the high power light source in order to meet the required level of homogeneity suited for the respective application.



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