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Anisotropic Van der Waals 2D GeAs Integrated on Silicon Four-Waveguide Crossing

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posted on 2023-01-10, 03:25 authored by Ghada Dushaq, Juan Esteban Villegas, Bruna Paredes, Srinivasa Reddy Tamalampudi, Mahmoud S. Rasras
In-plane optical anisotropy plays a critical role in manipulating light in a wide range of planner photonic devices. In this study, the strong anisotropy of multilayer 2D GeAs is leveraged and utilized to validate the technical feasibility of on-chip light management. A 2D GeAs is stamped into an ultra-compact silicon waveguide four-way crossing optimized for operation in the O-optical band. The measured optical transmission spectra indicated a remarkable discrepancy between the in-plane crystal optical axes with an attenuation ratio of ~ 3.5 (at 1330 nm). Additionally, the effect of GeAs crystal orientation on the electro-optic transmission performance is demonstrated on a straight waveguide. A notable 50 % reduction in responsivity was recorded for devices constructed with cross direction compared to devices with a crystal a-direction parallel to the light polarization. This extraordinary optical anisotropy, combined with a high refractive index ~ 4 of 2D GeAs, opens possibilities for efficient on-chip light manipulation in photonic devices.



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