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Anomalous Optical Drag

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posted on 2023-01-12, 13:57 authored by Chitram Banerjee, Yakov Solomons, A. Nicholas Black, Giulia Marcucci, David Eger, Nir Davidson, Ofer Firstenberg, Robert W. Boyd
A moving dielectric medium can displace the optical path of light passing through it, a phenomenon known as the Fresnel-Fizeau optical drag effect. The resulting displacement is proportional to the medium's velocity. In this article, we report on an anomalous optical drag effect, where the displacement is still proportional to the medium's speed but along the direction opposite to the medium's movement. We conduct an optical drag experiment under conditions of electromagnetically-induced transparency and observe the transition from normal, to null, to anomalous optical drag by modification of the two-photon detuning.



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