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Arbitrary structured quantum emission with a multifunctional imaging metalens

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Version 2 2023-06-08, 12:58
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posted on 2023-06-08, 12:58 authored by Chi Li, Jaehyuck Jang, Trevon Badloe, Tieshan Yang, Joohoon Kim, Jaekyung Kim, Minh Nguyen, Stefan A. Maier, Junsuk Rho, Haoran Ren, Igor Aharonovich
Structuring light emission from single-photon emitters in multiple degrees of freedom is of a great importance for quantum information processing towards higher dimensions. However, traditional control of emission from quantum light sources relies on the use of multiple bulky optical elements or nanostructured resonators with limited functionalities, constraining the potential of multi-dimensional tailoring. Here we introduce the use of an ultrathin polarisation-beam-splitting metalens for the arbitrary structuring of quantum emission at room temperature. Owing to the complete and independent polarisation and phase control at a single meta-atom level, the designed metalens enables simultaneous imaging of quantum emission from ultra-bright defects in hexagonal boron nitride and imprinting of an arbitrary wavefront onto orthogonal polarisation states of the sources. The hybrid quantum metalens enables simultaneous manipulation of multiple degrees of freedom of a quantum light source, including directionality, polarisation, and orbital angular momentum. The demonstrated arbitrary wavefront shaping of quantum emission in multiple degrees of freedom could unleash the full potential of solid-state SPEs for their use as high-dimensional quantum sources for advanced quantum photonic applications.



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