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Axially Overlapped Multi-Focus Light Sheet with Enlarged Field of View

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:07 authored by Hongjin Li, Zihan Wu, Zhichao Yang, Karl Zhanghao, Peng Xi, Dayong Jin
Light sheet fluorescence microscopy provides optical sectioning and is widely used in volumetric imaging of large specimens. However, the axial resolution and the lateral Field of View (FoV) of the system, defined by the light sheet, typically limit each other due to the spatial band product of the excitation objective. Here, we develop a simple multi-focus scheme to extend the FoV, where a Gaussian light sheet can be focused at three or more consecutive positions. Axially overlapped multiple light sheets significantly enlarge the FoV with improved uniformity and negligible loss in axial resolution. By measuring the point spread function of fluorescent beads, we demonstrated that the obtained light sheet has a FoV of 450 um and a maximum axial FWHM of 7.5 um. Compared with the conventional single-focus one, the multi-focus Gaussian light sheet displays a significantly improved optical sectioning ability over the full FoV when imaging cells and zebrafish.



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