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Beam Decoherence Study Based On Scanning Oscillating Method

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posted on 2023-07-31, 10:39 authored by Xiaobin Wu, Haoyu Yin, Yueyang Ma, Hui Li, Xuchen Fang, KUIBO WANG, pengfei sha
The resolution of imaging system is affected by illumination beam, and the coherence of illumination beam is not conducive to high resolution imaging. This paper uses scanning oscillating method (SOM) by introducing MEMS mirror to split light and reduce the coherence of illumination through the light intensity time integral of time-separated sub-beams. It has the advantages as simple structure and high energy transmission efficiency. From the application of speckle suppression and high-resolution imaging, the decoherence effect of SOM technology is theoretically analyzed and verified by experiments. The speckle brightness is greatly reduced, the speckle contrast decreases significantly relative to the initial value, the interference diffraction phenomenon disappears, and the resolution improvement effect is remarkable.


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