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Bright squeezed vacuum for two-photon spectroscopy: simultaneously high resolution in time and frequency, space and wavevector

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posted on 2023-01-12, 14:17 authored by Paula Cutipa, Maria V. Chekhova
Entangled photons offer two advantages for two-photon absorption spectroscopy. One of them, the linear scaling of two-photon absorption rate with the input photon flux, is only valid at very low photon fluxes and is therefore impractical. The other is the overcoming of the classical constraints for simultaneous resolution in time-frequency and in space-wavevector. Here we consider bright squeezed vacuum (BSV) as an alternative to entangled photons. The efficiency increase it offers in comparison with coherent light is modest, but it does not depend on the photon flux. Moreover, and this is what we show in this work, BSV also provides simultaneously high resolution in time and frequency, and in space and wavevector. In our experiment, we measure the widths of the second-order correlation functions in space, time, frequency, and angle, and demonstrate the violation of the constraint given by the Fourier transformation, also known as the Mancini criterion of entanglement.



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