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Broadband nonlinear modulation of incoherent light using a transparent optoelectronic neuron array

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posted on 2023-06-08, 13:04 authored by Dehui Zhang, Dong Xu, Yuhang Li, Yi Luo, Jingtian Hu, Jingxuan Zhou, Yucheng Zhang, Boxuan Zhou, Peiqi Wang, Xurong Li, Bijie Bai, Huaying Ren, Laiyuan Wang, Mona Jarrahi, Yu Huang, Aydogan Ozcan, Xiangfeng Duan
Nonlinear optical processing of ambient natural light is highly desired in computational imaging and sensing applications. A strong optical nonlinear response that can work under weak broadband incoherent light is essential for this purpose. Here we introduce an optoelectronic nonlinear filter array that can address this emerging need. By merging 2D transparent phototransistors (TPTs) with liquid crystal (LC) modulators, we create an optoelectronic neuron array that allows self-amplitude modulation of spatially incoherent light, achieving a large nonlinear contrast over a broad spectrum at orders-of-magnitude lower intensity than what is achievable in most optical nonlinear materials. For a proof-of-concept demonstration, we fabricated a 10,000-pixel array of optoelectronic neurons, each serving as a nonlinear filter, and experimentally demonstrated an intelligent imaging system that uses the nonlinear response to instantly reduce input glares while retaining the weaker-intensity objects within the field of view of a cellphone camera. This intelligent glare-reduction capability is important for various imaging applications, including autonomous driving, machine vision, and security cameras. Beyond imaging and sensing, this optoelectronic neuron array, with its rapid nonlinear modulation for processing incoherent broadband light, might also find applications in optical computing, where nonlinear activation functions that can work under ambient light conditions are highly sought.



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