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Cascaded multicore fiber interferometers for enhanced bending sensing based on Vernier effect

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posted on 2024-02-08, 06:58 authored by Jia-Le Ou, Hao-Wen Deng, Chuang Wu, Jie Li, Bai-Ou Guan
In this paper, cascaded modal interferometers constructed by strongly-coupled seven-core fiber (SC-SCF) with different lengths are demonstrated for enhanced bending sensing based on Vernier effect. The free spectral range (FSR) of a single SC-SCF interferometer is determined by the length of SC-SCF. Two SC-SCF interferometers with different FSRs are cascaded, in which, one functions as the sensor while the other functions as the reference. The wavelength shift of the envelope of the output spectrum is much larger than that of a single SC-SCF interferometer due to Vernier effect. Therefore, enhanced sensing can be achieved. Experimental results show that the bending sensitivity of the proposed sensor is improved from -2.20 nm/m-1 (single SC-SCF interferometer) to 42.32 nm/m-1 (cascaded SC-SCF interferometers). The temperature response of the sensor is also investigated. Our proposed cascaded SC-SCF sensor has advantages of high sensitivity, ease of fabrication, and low cost. It is attractive for high precision bending sensing applications.


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National Natural Science Foundation of China (62075087,62175089); Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province (2014A030306040,2018A030313440); Pearl River S and T Nova Program of Guangzhou Municipality (201806010197); Guangdong Provincial Pearl River Talents Program (2019BT02X105); Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Program key projects (201904020032)

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