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Chaotic resonance modes in dielectric cavities: Product of conditionally invariant measure and universal fluctuations

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posted on 2023-01-10, 02:30 authored by Roland Ketzmerick, Konstantin Clauß, Felix Fritzsch, Arnd Bäcker
We conjecture that chaotic resonance modes in scattering systems are a product of a conditionally invariant measure from classical dynamics and universal exponentially distributed fluctuations. The multifractal structure of the first factor depends strongly on the lifetime of the mode and describes the average of modes with similar lifetime. The conjecture is supported for a dielectric cavity with chaotic ray dynamics at small wavelengths, in particular for experimentally relevant modes with longest lifetime. We explain scarring of the vast majority of modes along segments of rays based on multifractality and universal fluctuations, which is conceptually different from periodic-orbit scarring.



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