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Coherence properties of the high-energy fourth-generation X-ray synchrotron sources

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posted on 2023-11-30, 18:41 authored by R. Khubbutdinov, A. P. Menushenkov, I. A. Vartanyants
We performed an analysis of coherence properties of the 4-th generation high-energy storage rings with emittance values of 10 pmrad. It is presently expected that a storage ring with these low emittance values will reach diffraction limit at hard X-rays. Simulations of coherence properties were performed with the XRT software and analytical approach for different photon energies from 500 eV to 50 keV. It was demonstrated that a minimum photon emittance (diffraction limit) reached at such storage rings is {\lambda}/2{\pi}. Using mode decomposition we showed that at the parameters of the storage ring considered in this work, diffraction limit will be reached for soft X-ray energies of 500 eV. About ten modes will contribute to the radiation field at 12 keV photon energy and even more modes give a contribution at higher photon energies. Energy spread effects of the electron beam in a low emittance storage ring were analysed in detail. Simulations were performed at different relative energy spread values from zero to 0.2%. We observed a decrease of the degree of coherence with an increase of the relative energy spread value. Our analysis shows that to reach diffraction limit for high photon energies electron beam emittance should go down to 1 pmrad and below.



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