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Coherent Control of Mid-Infrared Frequency Comb by Optical Injection of Near-Infrared Light

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Version 2 2023-05-17, 16:00
Version 1 2023-05-04, 16:01
posted on 2023-05-17, 16:00 authored by Kenichi N. Komagata, Alexandre Parriaux, Mathieu Bertrand, Johannes Hillbrand, Mattias Beck, Valentin J. Wittwer, Jérôme Faist, Thomas Südmeyer
We demonstrate the use of a low power near-infrared laser illuminating the front facet of a quantum cascade laser (QCL) as an optical actuator for the coherent control of a mid-infrared frequency comb. We show that by appropriate current control of the QCL comb and intensity modulation of the near-infrared laser, a tight phase lock of a comb line to a distributed feedback laser is possible with 2 MHz of locking bandwidth and 200 mrad of residual phase noise. A characterization of the whole scheme is provided showing the limits of the electrical actuation which we bypassed using the optical actuation. Both comb degrees of freedom can be locked by performing electrical injection locking of the repetition rate in parallel. However, we show that the QCL acts as a fast near-infrared light detector such that injection locking can also be achieved through modulation of the near-infrared light. These results on the coherent control of a quantum cascade laser frequency comb are particularly interesting for coherent averaging in dual-comb spectroscopy and for mid-infrared frequency comb applications requiring high spectral purity.



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