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Coherent Optical Spin Hall Transport for Spin-optronics at Room Temperature

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posted on 2023-04-27, 16:01 authored by Ying Shi, Yusong Gan, Yuzhong Chen, Yubin Wang, Sanjib Ghosh, Alexey Kavokin, Qihua Xiong
Spin or valley degrees of freedom in condensed matter have been proposed as efficient information carriers towards next generation spintronics. It is therefore crucial to develop effective strategies to generate and control spin or valley-locked spin currents, e.g., by exploiting the spin Hall or valley Hall effects. However, the scattering, and rapid dephasing of electrons pose major challenges to achieve macroscopic coherent spin currents and realistic spintronic or valleytronic devices, specifically at room temperature, where strong thermal fluctuations could further obscure the spin flow. Exciton polaritons in semiconductor microcavities being the quantum superposition of excitons and photons, are believed to be promising platforms for spin-dependent optoelectronic or, in short, spin-optronic devices. Long-range spin current flows of exciton polaritons may be controlled through the optical spin Hall effect. However, this effect could neither be unequivocally observed at room temperature nor be exploited for realistic polariton spintronic devices due to the presence of strong thermal fluctuations or large linear spin splittings. Here, we report the observation of room temperature optical spin Hall effect of exciton polaritons with the spin current flow over a distance as large as 60 um in a hybrid organic-inorganic FAPbBr3 perovskite microcavity. We show direct evidence of the long-range coherence at room temperature in the flow of exciton polaritons, and the spin current carried by them. By harnessing the long-range spin-Hall transport of exciton polaritons, we have demonstrated two novel room temperature polaritonic devices, namely the NOT gate and the spin-polarized beam splitter, advancing the frontier of room-temperature polaritonics in perovskite microcavities.



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