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Collective super- and subradiant dynamics between distant optical quantum emitters

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posted on 2023-06-08, 12:58 authored by Alexey Tiranov, Vasiliki Angelopoulou, Cornelis Jacobus van Diepen, Björn Schrinski, Oliver August Dall'Alba Sandberg, Ying Wang, Leonardo Midolo, Sven Scholz, Andreas Dirk Wieck, Arne Ludwig, Anders Søndberg Sørensen, Peter Lodahl
Photon emission is the hallmark of light-matter interaction and the foundation of photonic quantum science, enabling advanced sources for quantum communication and computing. Although single-emitter radiation can be tailored by the photonic environment, the introduction of multiple emitters extends this picture. A fundamental challenge, however, is that the radiative dipole-dipole coupling rapidly decays with spatial separation, typically within a fraction of the optical wavelength. We realize distant dipole-dipole radiative coupling with pairs of solid-state optical quantum emitters embedded in a nanophotonic waveguide. We dynamically probe the collective response and identify both super- and subradiant emission as well as means to control the dynamics by proper excitation techniques. Our work constitutes a foundational step toward multiemitter applications for scalable quantum-information processing.



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