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Coherently averaged dual-comb spectroscopy with a low-noise and high-power free-running gigahertz dual-comb laser

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posted on 2023-01-10, 03:11 authored by C. R. Phillips, B. Willenberg, A. Nussbaum-Lapping, F. Callegari, S. L. Camenzind, J. Pupeikis, U. Keller
We present a new type of dual optical frequency comb source capable of scaling applications to high measurement speeds while combining high average power, ultra-low noise operation, and a compact setup. Our approach is based on a diode-pumped solid-state laser cavity which includes an intracavity biprism operated at Brewster angle to generate two spatially-separated modes with highly correlated properties. The 15-cm-long cavity uses an Yb:CALGO crystal and a SESAM as an end mirror to generate more than 3 W average power per comb, below 80 fs pulse duration, a repetition rate of 1.03 GHz, and a continuously tunable repetition rate difference up to 27 kHz. We carefully investigate the coherence properties of the dual-comb by a series of heterodyne measurements, revealing several important features: (1) ultra-low jitter on the uncorrelated part of the timing noise; (2) the radio frequency comb lines of the interferograms are fully resolved in free-running operation; (3) we validate that through a simple measurement of the interferograms we can determine the fluctuations of the phase of all the radio frequency comb lines; (4) this phase information is used in a post-processing routine to perform coherently averaged dual-comb spectroscopy of acetylene (C2H2) over long timescales. Our results represent a powerful and general approach to dual-comb applications by combining low noise and high power operation directly from a highly compact laser oscillator.



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