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Compact dual-band spectral analysis via multiplexed rotated chirped volume Bragg gratings

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posted on 2023-07-15, 16:01 authored by Oussama Mhibik, Murat Yessenov, Leonid Glebov, Ayman F. Abouraddy, Ivan Divliansky
Chirped Bragg volume gratings (CBGs) offer a useful alternative for spectral analysis, but increasing the bandwidth necessitates increasing the device area. In contrast, recently developed rotated CBGs (r-CBGs), in which the Bragg structure is rotated by $45^{\circ}$ with respect to the device facets, require increasing only the device length to extend the bandwidth, in addition to the convenience of resolving the spectrum at normal incidence. Here, we multiplex r-CBGs in the same device to enable spectral analysis in two independent spectral windows without increasing the system volume. This new device, which we term an X-CBG, allows for compact multi-band spectroscopy in contiguous or separated spectral windows in the visible and near-infrared for applications in nonlinear microscopy and materials identification and sensing.



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