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Compact optical grating compressor

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posted on 2023-01-10, 03:23 authored by Vladyslav V. Ivanov
A novel design of a grating-based optical pulse compressor is proposed. The proposed compressor provides a large group delay dispersion while keeping the compressor linear size small. The design of the proposed compressor is based on a traditional Treacy compressor with a straightforward modification of inserting two lenses between the compressor's gratings. This simple alternation aims to substantially increase group delay dispersion of the compressor or alternatively to decrease the compressor size while maintaining its group delay dispersion. A theoretical description of the enhanced compressor has been developed in the paraxial approximation. A detailed numerical model has been built to calculate the compressor parameters more accurately. These theoretical studies have revealed that the enhanced optical compressor provides a significant increase in the group delay dispersion compared to a standard Treacy compressor.



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