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Complementary Fourier single-pixel imaging

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posted on 2023-01-12, 13:43 authored by Dong Zhou, Jie Cao, Huan Cui, Qun Hao, Bing-Kun Chen, Kai Lin
Single-pixel imaging, with the advantages of a wide spectrum, beyond-visual-field imaging, and robustness to light scattering, has attracted increasing attention in recent years. Fourier single-pixel imaging (FSI) can reconstruct sharp images under sub-Nyquist sampling. However, the conventional FSI has difficulty with balancing the imaging quality and efficiency. To overcome this issue, we proposed a novel approach called complementary Fourier single-pixel imaging (CFSI) to reduce measurements while retaining its robustness. The complementary nature of Fourier patterns based on a four-step phase-shift algorithm is combined with the complementary nature of a digital micromirror device. CFSI only requires two phase-shifted patterns to obtain one Fourier spectral value. Four light intensity values are obtained by load the two patterns, and the spectral value is calculated through differential measurement, which has good robustness to noise. The proposed method is verified by simulations and experiments compared with FSI based on two-, three-, and four-step phase shift algorithms. CFSI performed better than the other methods under the condition that the best imaging quality of CFSI is not reached. The reported technique provides an alternative approach to realize real-time and high-quality imaging.



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