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Complete and robust energy conversion by sum frequency generation based on Invariant Engineering

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posted on 2023-02-02, 17:00 authored by Congfu Zhang, Zhaolu Wang, Hongjun Liu
We propose an analytical method to achieve complete energy conversion in sum frequency generation based on Lewis-Riesenfeld invariants theory. This technique, derived from a two-level atom transition in quantum mechanics, is more efficient and robust than conventional methods. In our scheme, the quasi-adiabatic single control parameter model is established, and the value of single control parameter is selected to make the initial eigenstate perfectly converted to the final eigenstate we need. Corresponds to the nonlinear frequency conversion process, the nonlinear crystal structure is designed with the inverse engineering of optimal control theory, which is robust against the perturbations in the coupling coefficient and phase mismatch, including pump intensity and crystal polarization period variations, and results in almost 100% conversion efficiency at any crystal length. It is demonstrated that the frequency conversion can be achieved in the wavelength range of 2.6 {\mu}m -3.6 {\mu}m with a spectral bandwidth of the conversion efficiency over 50% approaching to 400 nm when the crystal length L=1 mm.



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