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Complete electric field characterization of multi-colour light fields

posted on 2024-07-10, 07:20 authored by Giulio Maria Rossi, Maximilian Kubullek, Miguel Silva Toledo, Fabian Scheiba, Rafael de Q. Garcia, Felix Ritzkowsky, Franz Kaertner, Roland Mainz
The advancement of laser technology, producing increasingly shorter and more intricate optical pulses, has elevated the significance of precise characterization of the transient electric field, including the carrier-envelope phase (CEP). This characterization must cover progressively larger spectral bands and be performed as close as possible to the experimental site to enable a detailed understanding of the coherent light-matter interaction. Furthermore, in many experiments two (or more) different ultrashort pulses are used, calling for a technique capable of characterizing multiple electric fields simultaneously. Here we introduce the TREX (Third-order Reconstruction of Electric fields via cross(X)-correlation) method, which allows the all-optical, in-situ characterization of the complete electric fields of two pulses with different central wavelengths. The method relies on the measurement of the perturbative third-order nonlinear response generated in a noble gas target while varying the delay between two different pulses. The resulting spectrograms can be reconstructed using a custom evolutionary algorithm. The technique is demonstrated by reconstructing the electric field waveforms obtained with a two-channel waveform synthesizer. These synthesized waveforms reach time durations below a single optical cycle, demonstrating the ability of TREX to characterize complex multi-octave spanning electric fields.


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Helmholtz Association (MML-Matter); Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (EXC 2056,ID 390715994)

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