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Computational 3D topographic microscopy from terabytes of data per sample

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posted on 2023-06-07, 16:03 authored by Kevin C. Zhou, Mark Harfouche, Maxwell Zheng, Joakim Jönsson, Kyung Chul Lee, Ron Appel, Paul Reamey, Thomas Doman, Veton Saliu, Gregor Horstmeyer, Roarke Horstmeyer
We present a large-scale computational 3D topographic microscope that enables 6-gigapixel profilometric 3D imaging at micron-scale resolution across $>$110 cm$^2$ areas over multi-millimeter axial ranges. Our computational microscope, termed STARCAM (Scanning Topographic All-in-focus Reconstruction with a Computational Array Microscope), features a parallelized, 54-camera architecture with 3-axis translation to capture, for each sample of interest, a multi-dimensional, 2.1-terabyte (TB) dataset, consisting of a total of 224,640 9.4-megapixel images. We developed a self-supervised neural network-based algorithm for 3D reconstruction and stitching that jointly estimates an all-in-focus photometric composite and 3D height map across the entire field of view, using multi-view stereo information and image sharpness as a focal metric. The memory-efficient, compressed differentiable representation offered by the neural network effectively enables joint participation of the entire multi-TB dataset during the reconstruction process. To demonstrate the broad utility of our new computational microscope, we applied STARCAM to a variety of decimeter-scale objects, with applications ranging from cultural heritage to industrial inspection.



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