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Control of spatiotemporal localization of infrared pulses in gas-filled capillaries using weak ultraviolet pulses

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posted on 2023-09-07, 16:00 authored by Lize Han, Xiaohui Gao
Manipulation of intense pulse propagation in gas-filled capillaries is desirable for various high-field applications. Tuning the parameters of the driving laser pulse and the working gas is the conventional approach, and it provides limited capability of control. Here we demonstrate through numerical simulations a practical scheme to control the propagation of intense pulses. A weak ultraviolet pulse is launched into a capillary with a negative delay with respect to a main infrared pulse. The pulses begin to temporally overlap due to dispersion. As the main pulse self-compresses, the control pulse is strongly red-shifted due to cross-phase modulation. The frequency shifts of the two pulses mitigate pulse walk-off and allow an efficient coupling, substantially extending the effective interaction length. This interesting phenomenon may benefit applications such as high-order harmonic generation.



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