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Controllable non-reciprocal transmission of single photon in Mobius structure

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posted on 2023-01-11, 21:46 authored by Hai-Yuan Zhu, Xin-Yuan Hu, Jun-Jie Lin, Jia-Yi Wu, Shuo Li, Yan-Xiang Wang, Fu-Guo Deng, Na-Na Zhang
We propose a controllable non-reciprocal transmission model. The model consists of a Mobius ring, which is connected with two one-dimensional semi-infinite chains, and with a two-level atom located inside one of the cavities of the Mobius ring. We use the method of Green function to study the transmittance of a single photon through the model. The results show that the non-reciprocal transmission can be achieved in this model and the two-level atom can behave as a quantum switch for the non-reciprocal transport of the single photon. This controllable non-reciprocal transmission model may inspire new quantum non-reciprocal devices.



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