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Coupling of a Single Tin-vacancy Center to a Photonic Crystal Cavity in Diamond

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:41 authored by Kazuhiro Kuruma, Benjamin Pingault, Cleaven Chia, Dylan Renaud, Patrick Hoffmann, Satoshi Iwamoto, Carsten Ronning, Marko Lončar
We demonstrate optical coupling between a single tin-vacancy (SnV) center in diamond and a free-standing photonic crystal nanobeam cavity. The cavities are fabricated using quasi-isotropic etching and feature experimentally measured quality factors as high as ~11,000. We investigate the dependence of a single SnV center's emission by controlling the cavity wavelength using a laser-induced gas desorption technique. Under resonance conditions, we observe an intensity enhancement of the SnV emission by a factor of 12 and a 16-fold reduction of the SnV lifetime. Based on the large enhancement of the SnV emission rate inside the cavity, we estimate the Purcell factor for the SnV zero-phonon line to be 37 and the coupling efficiency of the SnV center to the cavity, the beta factor, to be 95%. Our work paves the way for the realization of quantum photonic devices and systems based on efficient photonic interfaces using the SnV color center in diamond.



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