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Cryogenic fiber-coupled electro-optic characterization platform for high-speed photodiodes

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posted on 2023-09-14, 16:00 authored by Shekhar Priyadarshi, Hao Tian, Alexander Fernandez Scarioni, Silke Wolter, Oliver Kieler, Johannes Kohlmann, Jaani Nissilä, Mark Bieler
We have developed a cryogenic characterization platform for ultrafast photodiodes, whose time domain responses are extracted by electro-optic sampling using femtosecond laser pulses in a pump-probe configuration. The excitation of the photodiodes with the pump beam and the electro-optic sampling crystals with the probe beam are realized in a fully fiber-coupled manner. This allows us to place the characterization platform in almost any temperature environment. As application example, we characterize the time-domain response of commercial p-i-n photodiodes with a nominal bandwidth of 20 GHz and 60 GHz at temperatures of 4 K and 300 K and in a large parameter range of photocurrent and reverse bias. For these photodiodes, we detect frequency components up to approximately 250 GHz, while the theoretical bandwidth of our sampling method exceeds 1 THz. Our measurements demonstrate a significant excitation power and temperature dependence of the photodiodes' ultrafast time responses, reflecting, most likely, changes in carrier mobilities and electric field screening. Since our system is an ideal tool to characterize and optimize the response of fast photodiodes at cryogenic temperatures, it has direct impact on applications in superconducting quantum technology such as the enhancement of optical links to superconducting qubits and quantum-accurate waveform generators.



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