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Single Slit to Curve-Single Slit, Double slit to Non-Parallel-Double Slit to Curve-Double Slit to Non-Parallel-Curve-Double Slit Experiments --- PhotoWave Phenomena Demanding Interpretation

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posted on 2024-07-12, 08:41 authored by Hui Peng
The single slit and double slit (where two slit are parallel) experiments are two profound experiments in Physical/quantum optics. In this article, we study the variety of the optical experiments, including cross single slit, curve-single slit, non-parallel double slit, curve-double slit, non-parallel curve-double slit experiments. The experiments show the following novel patterns. Hourglass-shape diffraction pattern of a Curve-single slit Ring-shape interference pattern with spot at center of a ring Hybrid pattern of a non-parallel double slit Arc-shape and point-symmetry interference patterns of a curve-double slit Butterfly-shape interference pattern of a non-parallel-curve-double slit The experiments show that it is photons that produce wave-like patterns, referred to it as PhotoWave phenomena. It is a challenge to interpret all PhotoWave experiments consistently and completely.


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