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Deep-learning-based on-chip rapid spectral imaging with high spatial resolution

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posted on 2023-01-19, 17:01 authored by Jiawei Yang, Kaiyu Cui, Yidong Huang, Wei Zhang, Xue Feng, Fang Liu
Spectral imaging extends the concept of traditional color cameras to capture images across multiple spectral channels and has broad application prospects. Conventional spectral cameras based on scanning methods suffer from low acquisition speed and large volume. On-chip computational spectral imaging based on metasurface filters provides a promising scheme for portable applications, but endures long computation time for point-by-point iterative spectral reconstruction and mosaic effect in the reconstructed spectral images. In this study, we demonstrated on-chip rapid spectral imaging eliminating the mosaic effect in the spectral image by deep-learning-based spectral data cube reconstruction. We experimentally achieved four orders of magnitude speed improvement than iterative spectral reconstruction and high fidelity of spectral reconstruction over 99% for a standard color board. In particular, we demonstrated video-rate spectral imaging for moving objects and outdoor driving scenes with good performance for recognizing metamerism, where the concolorous sky and white cars can be distinguished via their spectra, showing great potential for autonomous driving and other practical applications in the field of intelligent perception.



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