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Deep learning-enabled image quality control in tomographic reconstruction: Robust optical diffraction tomography

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posted on 2023-11-30, 18:02 authored by Donghun Ryu, Youngju Jo, Jihyeong Yoo, Taean Chang, Daewoong Ahn, Young Seo Kim, Geon Kim, Hyun-seok Min, Yongkeun Park
In tomographic reconstruction, the image quality of the reconstructed images can be significantly degraded by defects in the measured two-dimensional (2D) raw image data. Despite the importance of screening defective 2D images for robust tomographic reconstruction, manual inspection and rule-based automation suffer from low-throughput and insufficient accuracy, respectively. Here, we present deep learning-enabled quality control for holographic data to produce robust and high-throughput optical diffraction tomography (ODT). The key idea is to distill the knowledge of an expert into a deep convolutional neural network. We built an extensive database of optical field images with clean/noisy annotations, and then trained a binary classification network based upon the data. The trained network outperformed visual inspection by non-expert users and a widely used rule-based algorithm, with > 90% test accuracy. Subsequently, we confirmed that the superior screening performance significantly improved the tomogram quality. To further confirm the trained model's performance and generalizability, we evaluated it on unseen biological cell data obtained with a setup that was not used to generate the training dataset. Lastly, we interpreted the trained model using various visualization techniques that provided the saliency map underlying each model inference.



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