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Demonstration of an 800G CDM-SDM coherent PON utilizing weakly-coupled multicore fibers with CDM tributaries manipulation

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posted on 2023-11-03, 10:17 authored by Lin Sun, Luxiao Zhang, Meng Mao, Bin Chen, Junjie Xiong, Lin Ma, Jun Li, Gordon Liu, Yi Cai, Zhaohui Li, Gangxiang Shen
In this letter, we present an experimental demonstration of downstream signaling in a 16×50 Gbit/s coherent passive optical network (CPON) using the code and space division multiplexing (CDM-SDM) approach. We realize optical SDM through the utilization of a 4-core weakly-coupled multicore fiber (WC-MCF), enhancing the total available optical launch power at the optical line terminal (OLT). This enhancement significantly improves the power budget for CPONs that connect with a large number of optical network units (ONUs). At the second stage of the CPON, four CDM-assigned ONUs are connected to individual cores of the WC-MCF, thereby supporting the connectivity of up to 16 ONUs. Through experiments, we have noted substantial disparities in the downstream signaling performance among individual CDM-assigned ONUs, particularly as the capacity is increased to 800 Gbit/s. To address this issue, we have employed an innovative approach by leveraging space-time coding techniques to manipulate the CDM tributaries, to achieve a balanced reception performance for all ONUs within the CPON. We believe that the proposed CDM-SDM CPON scheme, complemented by the advanced DSP flowchart, holds significant promise for future PON systems characterized by substantial capacity and extensive connectivity.


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National Natural Science Foundation of China (62105273); The Science and Technology Project of Jiangsu Province (BE2022055-3); The Suzhou Industry Foresight and Core Key Technology Project (SYC2022138)

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