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Demonstration of magnetic and light-controlled actuation of a photomagnetically actuated deformable mirror for wavefront control

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posted on 2023-01-12, 14:46 authored by Amit Kumar Jha, Ewan S. Douglas, Meng Li, Corey Fucetola, Fiorenzo G. Omenetto
Deformable Mirrors (DMs) have wide applications ranging from astronomical imaging to laser communications and vision science. However, they often require bulky multi-channel cables for delivering high power to their drive actuators. A low powered DM which is driven in a contactless fashion could provide a possible alternative to this problem.Here, we present a photo-magnetically actuated deformable mirror (PMADM) concept which is actuated in a contactless fashion by a permanent magnet and low power laser heating source. This paper presents the laboratory demonstration of prototype optical surface quality, magnetic control of focus, and COMSOL simulations of its precise photo-control. The PMADM prototype is made of a magnetic composite (polydimethylsiloxane [PDMS] + ferromagnetic $\text{CrO}_\text{2}$) and an optical-quality substrate layer and is 30.48 mm $\times$ 30.48 mm $\times$ 175 $\mu$ m in dimension with an optical pupil diameter of 8 mm. It deforms to 5.76 $\mu$ m when subjected to a 0.12 T magnetic flux density and relaxes to 3.76 $\mu$ m when illuminated by a 50 mW laser. A maximum stroke of 8.78 $\mu$ m before failure is also estimated considering a 3x safety factor. This works also includes simulation of astigmatism generation with the PMADM, a first step in demonstrating control of higher order modes. A fully developed PMADM can have potential application for wavefront corrections in vacuum and space environments.



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