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Design of a hybrid Mie-Tamm photonic structure as a highly directional GHz single-photon source

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posted on 2023-01-10, 02:27 authored by José M. Llorens, Benito Alén
We present a photonic structure where Mie, Tamm, and surface plasmon optical modes can be tailored to enhance the brightness of an embedded single-photon emitter. Contrary to most proposals, the structure is designed for excitation and collection through the substrate side. The front surface can be used instead to arrange metal contacts which serve both, as electrical gates and optical mirrors. The design is particularized for InGaAs QDs on GaAs resulting in an outcoupled single-photon rate exceeding 3 GHz in a narrow cone of NA = 0.17. The fabrication tolerances are also discussed.



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