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Analysis of parameter combinations for optimal soliton microcomb generation efficiency in a simple single-cavity scheme

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posted on 2023-06-18, 16:00 authored by Nikita Kondratiev, Valery Lobanov, Nikita Dmitriev, Steevy Cordette, Igor Bilenko
Dissipative Kerr solitons generated in high-Q optical microresonators provide unique opportunities for different up-to-date applications. Increasing the generation efficiency of of such signals is a problem of paramount importance. We provided comprehensive analysis and found optimal conditions providing maximal pump-to-comb conversion efficiency (up to 100\%) for the cases of a free-running and self-injection-locked pump lasers. The dependence of the optimal coupling rate on the pump power was revealed, in addition to the trade-off relations balancing the efficiency and the comb line number. The methods to increase the total comb power were also discussed.



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