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Direct laser printing of high-resolution physically unclonable anti-counterfeit labels

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posted on 2023-01-12, 15:16 authored by Vasily Lapidas, Alexey Zhizhchenko, Eugeny Pustovalov, Dmitry Storozhenko, Aleksandr Kuchmizhak
Security labels combining facile structural color readout and physically unclonable one-way function (PUF) approach provide promising strategy for fighting against forgery of marketable products. Here, we justify direct femtosecond-laser printing, a simple and scalable technology, for fabrication of high-resolution (12500 dots per inch) and durable PUF labels with a substantially large encoding capacity of 10$^{895}$ and a simple spectroscopy-free optical signal readout. The proposed tags are comprised of laser-printed plasmonic nanostructures exhibiting unique light scattering behavior and unclonable 3D geometry. Uncontrollable stochastic variation of the nanostructure geometry in the process of their spot-by-spot printing results in random and broadband variation of the scattering color of each laser printed "pixel", making laser-printed patterns unique and suitable for PUF labeling.



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