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Discrete frequency-bin entanglement generation via cascaded second-order nonlinear processes in Sagnac interferometer

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posted on 2023-06-08, 13:04 authored by Jiarui Li, Chenzhi Yuan, Si Shen, Zichang Zhang, Ruiming Zhang, Hao Li, You Wang, Guangwei Deng, Lixing You, Zhen Wang, Haizhi Song, Yunru Fan, Guangcan Guo, Qiang Zhou
Discrete frequency-bin entanglement is an essential resource for applications in quantum information processing. In this Letter, we propose and demonstrate a scheme to generate discrete frequency-bin entanglement with a single piece of periodically poled lithium niobate waveguide in a modified Sagnac interferometer. Correlated two-photon states in both directions of the Sagnac interferometer are generated through cascaded second-order optical nonlinear processes. A relative phase difference between the two states is introduced by changing the polarization state of pump light, thus manipulating the two-photon state at the output of the Sagnac interferometer. The generated two-photon state is sent into a fiber polarization splitter, then a pure discrete frequency-bin entangled two-photon state is obtained by setting the pump light. The frequency entanglement property is measured by a spatial quantum beating with a visibility of $96.0 \pm 6.1\%$. The density matrix is further obtained with a fidelity of $98.0 \pm 3.0\%$ to the ideal state. Our demonstration provides a promising method for the generation of pure discrete frequency-bin entanglement at telecom band, which is desired in quantum photonics.



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