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Dispersion Study of a Broadband Terahertz Focusing Reflecting Metasurface for 6G Wireless Communication

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posted on 2023-06-07, 16:02 authored by Fahim Ferdous Hossain, John F. OHara
In 6G wireless communications, functional terahertz reflecting metasurfaces are expected to play increasingly important roles such as beamforming and beamsteering. This paper demonstrates the design of a functional and efficient beamforming metasurface in the burgeoning D-band (0.11-0.17~THz). In addition to achieving broadband operation (0.135-0.165~THz), this design is polarization-maintaining, diffraction limited, simple in design, exhibits 64.1\% broadband efficiency (1.9 dB insertion loss) and 20\% fractional bandwidth. Despite being formed by an array of highly dispersive resonators, the metasurface exhibits very low temporal dispersion, which avoids pulse reshaping and its consequent limitations on achievable data rate. The design and performance of the focusing reflector are presented followed by a group delay and group delay dispersion analysis revealing that a 2.83\% temporal broadening of the pulse is observed at the focus.



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