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Dispersive Perfectly Matched Layer and high order Absorbing Boundary Conditions for the computation of Quasinormal modes of open electromagnetic structures

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posted on 2023-07-08, 16:00 authored by Guillaume Demésy, Tong Wu, Yoann Brûlé, Frédéric Zolla, André Nicolet, Philippe Lalanne, Boris Gralak
Resonances, also known as quasinormal modes (QNM) in the non-Hermitian case, play a ubiquitous role in all domains of physics ruled by wave phenomena, notably in continuum mechanics, acoustics, electrodynamics, and quantum theory. The non-Hermiticity arises from the system losses, whether they are material (Joule losses in electromagnetism) or linked to the openness of the problem (radiation losses). In this paper, we focus on the latter delicate matter when considering bounded computational domains mandatory when using e.g. Finite Elements. Dispersive perfectly matched layers and absorbing boundary conditions are studied.



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