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Dual-Comb Hyperspectral Digital Holography

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:40 authored by Edoardo Vicentini, Zhenhai Wang, Kasper Van Gasse, Theodor W. Hänsch, Nathalie Picqué
Holography has always held special appeal, for it is able to record and display spatial information in three dimensions. Here, we show how to augment the capabilities of digital holography by using a large number of narrow laser lines at precisely-defined optical frequencies simultaneously. Using an interferometer based on two frequency combs of slightly different repetition frequencies and a lens-less camera sensor, we record time-varying spatial interference patterns that generate spectral hypercubes of complex holograms, revealing, for each comb line frequency, amplitudes and phases of scattered wave-fields. Unlike with previous multi-color holography and low-coherence holography (including with a frequency comb), the unique synergy of broad spectral bandwidth and high temporal coherence in dual-comb holography opens up novel optical diagnostics, such as precise dimensional metrology over large distances without interferometric phase ambiguity, or hyperspectral 3-dimensional imaging with high spectral resolving power, as we illustrate by molecule-selective imaging of an absorbing gas.



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